Course Overview

Course Name
QNUK Level 3 Award in Paediatric First Aid (RQF)
2 Days
Working with babies or children? Learn how to correctly manage a choking baby or a child, recognise symptoms for major childhood illnesses, and become proficient in administering effective first aid on paediatric casualties. Just a taster of the topics covered on this accredited qualification. Designed for learners on the OFSTED compulsory register, working in early years setting in Nurseries and Montessori schools.
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Course Syllabus

​Unit 1 – Emergency Paediatric First Aid

– Roles and responsibilities of a paediatric first aider
– Assess an emergency incident
– Manage an unresponsive baby or child breathing/not breathing
– Recovery position and CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation)
– Choking
– Wounds and bleeds
– Managing shock
– Bites and Stings

Unit 2 – Managing paediatric injuries, Illness and emergencies

​- Injuries to bones, muscles and joints
– Suspected head, spinal and chest injuries
– Conditions affecting the eyes, ears and nose
– Burns, scalds and eye injuries
– Chronic medical condition – Sickle Cell, Diabetes, Asthma, Meningitis, Febrile convulsions
– Extremes of heat and cold
– Electric shock, Burn and scald injuries
– Poisoning
– Management of Anaphylaxis
– Minor injuries, small cuts, grazes, bruises, splinters, nose bleed

Assessment Method

Assessment method

The assessment methods for this qualification are:-

Practical demonstration

The practical assessment of the learners is conducted throughout the course. On-going assessment will involve learners demonstrating practical first aid skills across a number of areas.

Multiple-choice question paper

Each candidate is assessed by completing a multiple-choice question paper. Pass mark 70%.

What's Included

  • Expert instructions
  • Comprehensive manual
  • Qualification fees
  • Necessary equipment
  • Three-year certification
  • Reminder service
  • Speedy response to your questions or queries

Example Questions

1. At what point should an ambulance be called for a casualty who is having a seizure?

A. Immediately in call cases

B. If the seizure lasts longer than normal

C. Only if the casualty has never had a seizure before

D. Only if the casualty is a child


2. Which ONE of the following is a treatment for a casualty suffering from shock?

A. Allow a drink of warm sweet tea

B. Allow sips of a suitable sports drink

C. Give nothing to eat or drink

D. Provide small amounts of water


Duration: 2 Days

In-house pricing

£999.00 up to 12 learners (ex.vat)

£929.00 up to 6 learners (ex.vat)

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