August 2 2018 1 minutes read

Killer ‘HOT DOG’ on the loose

Killer ‘HOT DOG’ on the loose

One hopes this day never arrives.

Turning blue is a worrying sight.

Should the unfortunate day arrive.

Worry not first aid to the rescue.

Multiple back slaps and abdominal thrusts suffice.

As a result your quick actions saved a life.

Choking can lead to dire consequences, as with other first aid emergencies. In such an event recognising the symptoms early is the key. Training in first aid and maintaining those skills allow for quick action. Grateful to KARAM KOYMIS and his company in presenting us the opportunity to service their first aid training requirements. Collectively a proud day for our instructors, in particular calling out Robert Johnston, for his passion and imparting his training skills, and finally recognising the efforts of our the operations team.

Be a lifesaver, not a bystander

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