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Online E-learning Courses During the Coronavirus Crisis

Online E-learning Courses During the Coronavirus Crisis

Covid-19 has changed the world in a remarkably short time. Organisations of every kind, operating in various sectors have been scrambling to change their processes and procedures in accordance with the government lockdown and social distancing guidelines. Unable to train face-to-face, for the time being, e-learning is proving to be a popular alternative.

Digital training fills the gap

Social distancing has meant that group, face to face training has been temporarily suspended and although incomparable to the engagement quality of classroom-based training, the popularity of online learning has increased during the pandemic and for a very good reason. As with many observing social distancing rules, people have taken up online training to continue maintaining professional development, skills, and knowledge, explaining the sharp incline in e-learning.

Many organisations are now working remotely, this has meant that some parts of their workforce have reduced workloads. Thanks to the internet, workplaces can support staff to stay up to date and ensure they’re carrying out much-needed CPD training with online e-learning courses.

The advantages of digital training

Digital training, also known as e-learning is by no means the poor relative of in-person training. It comes with plenty of useful advantages. In fact, this flexible technology enables staff members to fit training around their busy schedules and are therefore less likely to miss training days.

More recently the coronavirus crisis has increased the workloads of hundreds of thousands of people in the health and social care sector. This means the staff and the people who use care services are at more risk than ever. Obviously training is a challenge in a time like this, but at the same time, training is essential to keep everyone informed, up to date, and working in accordance with regulatory standards.

The flexibility of online care training has allowed health and social care staff to continue their much needed essential training whilst also delivering a high standard of care.

Up-skill staff members quickly

One of the greatest advantages of e-learning is the fact that it can be deployed quickly and with flexibility. Learners can access their courses anywhere in the world providing an internet connection is available. This allows organisations who need to redeploy staff or train their workforce in a new area to do so rapidly.

Take for example a large catering business that needs to redeploy staff to help with an increase in takeaway orders. Access to online food safety training can be arranged within minutes meaning they’ll have staff ready to work at the required standards swiftly.

We’ve got you covered…

With a portfolio covering first aid, health, fire, food safety, and social care categories, the selection of courses to meet the requirements of your sector is extensive. Online training specifically designed for Carehomes, Construction, Hospitality, Schools/Education, etc. are easily accessible at the tips of your fingers. The list of sectors covered is almost endless.

Courses for Carehomes

Fire Safety

Basic Fire Safety Awareness for Care Homes

Fire Marshal for Care Homes

Health and Social Care

Dementia Awareness

Diabetes Awareness

Dignity and Privacy

End of Life Care

Epilepsy Awareness

Handling Information in Care Setting

Learning Disability Awareness

Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards

Mental Health Awareness

Person-Centered Care

Safeguarding Adults and Children

Stroke Awareness

Understanding your Role in Care

Health and Safety

Basic Legionella Management

Infection, Prevention and Control

Manual Handling

Access Free Trial

With the tips of your fingers and a few clicks of a button, you’ll be well on your way to refresh or gain new skills and knowledge, all from the comfort of your chair. You’ll find it’s a win-win solution to experience the benefits of e-learning designed with your convenience in mind. Test out the first module of any course at no cost.

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Covid-19 shouldn’t stop training in its tracks

Covid-19 has already radically changed the way we view our world and operate within it. Although some things remain the same we have learned to adapt to the changes enforced upon us. Perhaps for the good in the long run. It goes without saying you must ensure to maintain the right level of staff supervision and training, so you can continue to meet the standards set by the regulator.

If you’d like support with online training, we can help.

For further details please call us on 020 7112 8543 or use the live chat function via our website.


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