October 3 2017 2 minutes read

Snooze… to the contrary

Snooze… to the contrary

Think again… we really do hate to disagree.

Learning first aid gets a negative response on rare occasions. Learners are some what reluctant to sit a course or lack enthusiasm during their attendance from the offset. This usually speaks volume. Having to sit through a lecture absorbing vital life saving information or playing a casualty in various scenario based role play may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Our judgment is based on various experiences.

It’s sometime seen as a necessity to meet workplace legal requirements, a tick box exercise rather than gaining a vital life saving skill first and foremost. After al it’s just like any other skill learnt as part of an individuals development process you’ll agree. Although we try and refrain from generalising, the lack of enthusiasm does unfortunately validate the point.

On a more pleasing note

At the opposite end of the scale we are happy to inform the majority of the participants do not share the same thought.

Student interaction makes such a huge difference and it’s refreshing to see learners actively engage and fully participate with enthusiasm during a course. An active learner is a happy learner and after all positive feedback is worth it’s weight in gold.

The proofs in the pudding…

Well worth the effort

The satisfaction gained from reading such feedback makes the work and all the logistics that lead to setting up a course well worth the effort. The purpose has been met, surpassed and its what keeps everyone at FAS focused and striving to achieve the very best for its learners.

It’s music to our ears…

It goes without saying the instructors experience, teaching methods, skills and responsibility to ensure learners are kept engaged, actively participating during both theory and practical sessions, and just as important achieve the set learning criteria to end a course on a successful note.

First aid training is not a daunting subject as some may perceive. Thanks to our instructors and the quality of the support materials to date 99.999% have successfully achieved their qualifications.

The misconception that first aid training is boring has truly been put to bed.

Want some practical experience in learning how to deal with any first aid related injuries? Visit us at our training facility on the available open Emergency First Aid at Work or the advanced First Aid at Work course dates.

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