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Why go anywhere? Minimise risk with online, e-learning or a live webinar

Why go anywhere? Minimise risk with online, e-learning or a live webinar

Has a thought ever crossed your mind whether learning online or classroom training is better? So what are the pros and cons of each you may ask? That’s a good question and there isn’t a ‘one answer fits all’ solution. Unbiased in our opinions they both have their pros and cons.

Upon reading this article you may be able to narrow your choice to one or the other or perhaps even both. Selecting either solution is based on your specific training requirements, requirements of the qualification and the courses available in the marketplace.

In this article, we’ll discover and explore the pros and cons of online/e-learning and a live webinar.

Convenience just sounds too good

When it comes to pure convenience and avoiding a trek cramped up like a tinned-sardine on the public transport on a cold, grey and rainy Monday morning, the idea of completing a course or a qualification in the warm comforts of your personal surroundings sounds ever so appealing. And we agree. Convenience besides you avoid the added pressure of being put to the sword by the tutor in a classroom-based environment. A tad embarrassing comes to mind and yes some of us have had such an experience at some point during study.

Perhaps we are being too harsh in our assessment? Or even generalising that all tutors in a classroom-based environment are being compared to Miss Trunchbull in the well-known children’s classic ‘Matilda’ by Roald Dahl. On second thoughts… we are left to swallow our own words.

Let us save more on the pros and cons of classroom-based training for another article. For now let’s focus on what online/e-learning training, courses, short courses, distance learning, qualifications, webinars, etc. bring to the table.

Other than being able to sip on a cup of hot chocolate, online/e-learning training courses in the majority of cases can be completed at your own pace, negating any time restrictions. It allows you the time to absorb the instructions and carefully read a question before submitting your response. The clock is not ticking and no one is directly watching you, as a result potentially improving your final result. That’s a mighty relief you may think.

So what else?

Cost-effective comes to mind. Providing the course meets an individual’s requirements the savings gained compared to classroom-based training are usually substantial and not forgetting the work opportunities it can open up with prospective employers. At times where we need to tighten our purse strings and minimise outgoings, the idea of undertaking an online course is ever so appealing.

Another plus point is the results with a majority of online/e-learning training courses are available and the certificates can be downloaded upon successful completion. We know the frustrations of chasing a provider for your certificate or losing it to the trusted mail. May we interrupt at this point and assure you that being an inconvenience to our customers by chasing up certificates is not the practice we entertain.

Right, let’s press ahead

With the technology at our disposal, our extensive portfolio of e-learning courses allows the candidate and the employer to track progress, keep records, and review any incorrect answers. And that’s not all. The power of e-learning courses is almost never-ending. Utilising the benefits of an online platform the employer is able to view employees undertaking a course, view progress and results, and the history of complete courses at their fingertips. These benefits are just touching the tip of an iceberg.

Other than a live webinar, what other learning solutions are available that obey the social distancing, self-isolating and lockdown rules introduced to combat the Coronavirus or A.K.A COVID-19 worldwide pandemic? At this stage, our minds are exhausted to come up with an alternative answer. In correlation to the outbreak, the number of people undertaking online/e-learning courses has significantly risen and for the right reasons. The benefits of being able to continue studying during challenging times and further develop your knowledge or skills in a preferred subject area must only be a positive.

Unsure if it’s the right course for you? Here is some more good news. Why don’t you try before you buy?

As you may know, there are thousands of online/e-learning courses to suit your requirements, encompassing many sectors, from health, fitness, safety, languages, nutrition, food… the list is endless and available at a fraction of the cost compared to face-to-face/classroom-based training.

If you are focused on maintaining your CPD (Continued Professional Development) in First Aid, Fire,Health and Safety, Food Safety and Social Care sectors, then welcome to our specialised area. An area where there are literally hundreds of online/e-learning courses available to continue learning that supports your profession. The portfolio of courses is fairly comprehensive to be listed individually in this article, but with the click of a button, you’ll be free to browse our entire listings categorised in their individual sectors right HERE.

It can also act as a refresher

All of our online courses can be used as stand-alone courses or refresher training. Many of our customers use our courses as refresher training in combination with traditional classroom training. To paint a picture where classroom-based first aid training can be combined with an online version to act as a refresher in 6 or 12 month’s time. This two-prong attack can be applied to many courses.

Still unsure?

To sum up, the pros of online/e-learning, let’s hope the all singing and all dancing short clip finally convinces you to select the right course in the aforementioned categories.

So we’ve brainstormed all know benefits to our knowledge of what an online/e-learning platform presents. We’ve also tirelessly brainstormed the cons with little success. As you may agree we are understandably reluctant to note the cons (sorry, no smiling EMOJI’s here). It has been a struggle to come up with many if any negatives to sway our biased opinions. This only validates our belief in the benefits of online/e-learning.

We want you to complete your courses…

We’d hate to think once you’ve embarked on your e-learning quest is to fall short. Some of us do arrive at such a dilemma. We’ve noticed candidates on occasions do not complete their chosen subject. Unfortunately, the downside of e-learning, when left at free will to complete your course.

Does it fall down to diminished self-motivation? Or not the course the candidate was expecting (free trials are available), or not overly concerned because many online short courses are inexpensive? Candidates will have their reasons for not conquering their subject. Whatever the reason may be a small army of advisors are always at the other end of the line to offer advice.

After all, it’s another tick in a box, a contribution towards your CPD and no doubt your employer will take note of your commitment to further study benefiting any business. And it’s not any different in our line of work. We encourage and are encouraged to develop skills and knowledge in our industries subject area.

Online + tutor lead training = live webinar

As you may know, not all online courses are delivered via an AI (Artificial Intelligence) or pre-recorded videos that construct an e-learning course. With the various applications available making the world a smaller space a tutor lead live webinar is a great alternative. It’s a plus-plus point all the way benefiting from the instant guidance available from the tutor in the comfort of your own chair and without having the need to step foot outside on a rainy day. We like the sound of that and no doubt you do too, although, we’ll let you judge that.

At times when self-isolation is unavoidable, understanding such an extreme act continued for a prolonged length of time can potentially have a negative impact on one’s state of mind. We don’t necessarily believe a live webinar understanding the basic awareness of mental health training alone outweighs an active healthy lifestyle where and when accessible, in times of self-isolation being aware of the potential dangers of one’s and others mindset from our perspective a must.

Whether it’s face-to-face training or a live webinar, we strongly feel mental health awareness training is a useful addition to leading an active lifestyle.

It goes without saying staying in touch with family and friends via Facetime or any other live face-to-face application and keeping active where possible is a priority at such times. Sport England offers detailed information, advice, and tips to maintain an active lifestyle in times of isolation via their website here >>> https://www.sportengland.org/stayinworkout#join_the_movement <<<

Another useful article recently published by MHFA England on ‘Managing Mental Health Remotely’ is accessible HERE

So let’s welcome the future of training, let’s continue our development, let not such challenging times be an unavoidable barrier.

We are pleased to inform you that we are operating to take your questions or queries as per usual. Our telephone lines are open from 8 am to 6 pm dialling 020 7112 8543, email enquiries@firstaidsafety.co.uk, contact us form HERE or connect via our Facebook, LinkedIn or Google Business pages.


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